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Bambooee Adjustable Organic Charcoal Pillow

The Personal Positioning Pillow Series


Our NEW pillows are adjustable, making them even more perfect for you. Be your own pillow fairy godmother. Adjust your pillow to as firm and as soft as you please while still giving you support. Then change your mind again and readjust. You have the power in your own hands.Look at us now. You have helped make our dreams of helping the enivornment before a reality.

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Made with Organic Charcoal Bamboo

Our new pillows are charcoal infused. Bamboo has so many great comfortable qualities. Bamboo charcoal has been known to improve and rejuvenate skin and fight acne. 

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Our Foam

Our Pillows are filled with patented high tech vegan hypoallergenic filling that doesn't change due to weather.

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90 Night Money Back Guarantee

If you don't like your pillow, we will take it back. No questions asked.

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