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Best pillow ever

I purchased the travel sized pillow and found it was not supportive enough. I contacted the company asking how to return it, but they offered to send me more fill so I could customize it! I am so happy they did this. It made all the difference! No stiff neck! I truly appreciate their customer service.

Lynne P. Verified Buyer

Best Pillows Ever

I have purchased both King & Queen Size Charcoal Pillows and the best pillows I have ever purchased! They adjust easily are comfortable and I love this company because of the fact they are a green company and I use all there bambooee products! Been a constant customer for almost a year! Will never use anything else!

Pamela E. Verified Buyer

Ergonomic comfort supporting extra-restful sleep

Delighted with this incredibly comfortable innovation in organic pillows. Sufficiently impressed that I ordered another one. Looking forward to Bambooee’s next healthful, Earth-friendly breakthrough!

Lillian M. Verified Buyer

Perfect in every way

Just came back for a second order on this fabulous comfortable little pillow. Used this first night and had zero neck stiffness in the morning, first time in ages. Not too thick, not too flat, just right. A must try. You can’t go wrong. Thank you Bambooee.

Stacey Verified Buyer


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The Commitment

Our many faces - photo.

The Many Faces of Bambooee

Bambooee® has many uses. Use them in the kitchen, bathroom, for kids messes, husband messes, even in your car, for drying your hands, cleaning pet messes or pet hair from furniture. They are very absorbent and SUMO strong!

Bambooee Features
Noam holding a large photo of tree harvesting

Bambooee - The Solution to Zero-Waste

Learn more facts about the benefits of Bamboo and how it can alleviate the burden we place on trees. Did you know that 3,000 tons of paper towel waste are produced every day?

Bambooee: the solution to Zero Waste
a photo of two hands holding a small tree sapling

Our Heros - Trees for the Future

Begun by Dave and Grace Deppner, Future Trees has planted over 115 million trees in dozens of countries. This has revitalized hundreds of thousands of acres of soil and has benefited people’s lives in countless ways forever.