90 Night Guarantee

Bambooee ECO-Dispenser



Bambooee Eco Dispenser 

"Hi, Neat idea. What happens after washing? Will I be meticulously rolling up each sheet back onto the roll?"

HAHA!! We love our customers and want to save them time. 

You asked for it and we delivered. Tada!! The NEW Bambooee Eco-Dispenser is now here for you. (BAMBOOEE TOWELS NOT INCLUDED)

Made from non-plastic, water resistant coated cardboard. It's the perfect counter top companion for your Bambooee roll. 

We keep ours on top of the washer, leave yours by the sink or velcro inside a cabinet. Get creative and let us know how it goes. 

TIP: The towels should be washed and dried, then folded in half on the shorter side. Its the perforated edge to perforated edge. 

ECO-DISPENSER - fits 30 washed sheets, Made in USA