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Bambooee KING Adjustable Charcoal Pillows - COMING SOON

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We know you love Bambooee pillows. You can't live without Bambooee pillows. So how could they get any better?

Here's how:

Introducing the New Bambooee Charcoal Adjustable pillows. Everything you loved about the Original pillows but now with two new features.

Our new pillows are adjustable, making them even more perfect for you. Adjust them to be more firm or as soft as you'd like, while still giving you support. 

"I am so finicky about my pillows. I think I’ve tried most brands and have not been happy until now. I love this pillow! I ordered the this pillow and it is perfect and so comfortable to sleep on. Highly recommend that you try it if you have been searching for the right pillow." Teresa E.

And our new pillows are charcoal infused. Bamboo has so many great comfortable qualities. Now we have added bamboo charcoal which has it's own interesting qualities. Let us know what you think about our new pillows. 

We always love hearing from you.