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2. How many rolls of paper towels does Bambooee® replace?
It depends how many paper towels you currently use.  The average household uses 1 to 2 rolls of paper towels a week.  1 roll of Bambooee® has 20 reusable and machine washable sheets. Each sheet of Bambooee® can be washed up to 100 times. Just use one Bambooee® cloth each day and then throw them in the wash.  That's almost 5 1/2 years of use. If you generally use one roll of paper towels a week, you could save yourself from buying up to 286 paper towel rolls.  If you generally use 2 rolls of paper towels a week you could save yourself from buying 572 rolls of paper towels, That's quite a savings.  
5. Where should I use Bambooee®? Bambooee® can be used anywhere you would use a normal paper towel.  Beyond that, it's stronger and more absorbent then a paper towel, so Bambooee® can be used over and over again.  Use Bambooee® in the kitchen, on floors, in the bathroom, for kids' messes, for dusting, for your drying, absorbing and much much more. 
1. What's so special about Bambooee®? Bambooee® is rayon made from an organic bamboo source. The bamboo we use is harvested using sustainable and green practices.  Once the bamboo is harvested, it regrows new sprouts every year.  The harvesting techniques used by our growers assure that the bamboo forests where Bambooee® comes from continues to grow and yield the same amount of bamboo yearly.  Regular paper towels are made from trees.  Trees do not regrow once harvested.
7. Where do you get your bamboo from? Our bamboo comes from China. Bamboo is now routinely grown on Chinese land that families and villages own the rights to manage and harvest. China has allowed this kind of land management structure since economic reform in the 1980's with the aim of helping alleviate poverty of rural areas. This positive contribution to bamboo farmers has brought pride to their families and therefore they protect their land and harvest in a sustainable manner, guanranteeing a secure future for their children and generations to come. Bamboo makes sense since it alleviates the burden we currently place on trees and its such a wonderful renewable resource. 
9. Is Bambooee® biodegradable or compostable? Bambooee® is not biodegradable. But we are currently working on a compostable version of Bambooee®. It should be available soon. 
8. Where do you make Bambooee®? Currently Bambooee® is made in China, close to the organic bamboo source it is made from. It is our dream at Bambooee® to educate farmers about the benefits of growing bamboo here in our great country. We are talking to governors to see if there is a possibility to give incentives and start an initiative to do just that. Please help us to promote our cause and desire to grow bamboo in the USA. Contact [email protected] if you have any information that might help bring jobs back to our country with bamboo. 
3. How do I make the switch to Bambooee®?
Bambooee® has 20 sheets in a roll and its perforated. So it fits perfectly on your paper towel dispenser. Bambooee® works with counter top dispensers and under cabinet dispensers. Its easy to make the switch.
4. How do I wash Bambooee®? You can machine wash Bambooee® with your clothing in cold or warm water.  Line drying is recommended.  Do not use fabric softener and do not iron.  Since Bambooee® is made from rayon it becomes more absorbent and softer after a few times in the wash.  Each Bambooee® cloth can be washed up to 100 times before losing their integrity. Bambooee® can even be bleached so they stay fresh and clean.  
6. What liquids and messes does Bambooee® work on? Bambooee® works on all kinds of liquids and messes.  It stands up to tough jobs. Then just throw them in the wash. Bambooee® can be bleached so they stay fresh and clean. No more smelly, germy dish towels. 

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